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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Do you have Issues?!

Who needs taco shells?! Use Romaine hearts!

Gotcha! I'm not talking psychotherapy. I'm talking FOOD!

Most people only think they have an issue if they have a food "allergy". There are so many terms out there:

What does it all mean?!  A true food allergy is when your body actually releases histamines and you have a true allergic reaction- hives, trouble breathing, etc. A true food allergy is usually life-threatening. Think of people with nut or shellfish allergies. They usually carry Epi-pens with them!

A Food Intolerance is more of a discomfort such as a Lactose Intolerance- gas, bloating, stomach cramping, diarrhea. While not life-threatening, a food intolerance can plain HURT! I experience this with dairy. It is awful, but it goes away in a few hours. What doesn't go away is the persistent inflammation in your gut caused by constantly ingesting the dairy or whatever you are sensitive to. This can eventually lead to a host of other problems with autoimmunity like cancer, diabetes, infertility, etc. (read more here)

Tonight, one of my bootcampers, Cassie, told us that her daughter recently cut out dairy and gluten since seeing the amazing results Cassie had with going Paleo. Here is her daughter's direct quote:

"In only 3 days I feel soooo much better! I can't believe how good I feel. I have no digestive problems and much more energy"

In only 3 days!!!

So if you've been wondering if Paleo is right for you, give it a try- you never know what you'll discover!

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