Success Stories

Friday, October 16, 2009

Sometimes You've Just Gotta Chip Away...

This morning's Crossfit Women workout was

800m run
30 KB swings (24kg)
30 pullups
5 rounds

It was an incredibly hard workout. And one that was mentally exhausting as well.

The thing to remember when faced with a tough task at hand is to just chip away at it- bit by bit. Take it one step at at time. In the last round of pullups, I was doing 2 at a time. Rest. 2 more. Rest.

Here is a little nugget I found on an affiliate site that is always good to remember after a long, hard WOD, especially when you aren't that pleased with your performance.

Written by Ali Incredible

I was chatting in the locker room after the WOD and the woman I was talking to was dissappointed in her performance. Relatively new to CrossFit, she persisted that she had performed terribly. What I would like to say is this: you showed up. After two years of CrossFit I have had peaks and valleys, been discouraged and elated, but when it comes down to it, crappy performance or PR, I showed up. Usually, I am the last to finish a workout, but sure as shit, when I get in my car after, there is always a little smile. Best or worst, congratulate yourself on coming. You’re among a small group of people that show up knowing you will get your ass kicked. If you’re new, please know that people who have been doing this for years, studs in the gym, do not PR everyday, they don’t set record times every day they come. It’s about effort, and half the battle is showing up. Next time you feel bad about your performance, tell yourself you’ll do better next time, look around you at the amazing folks that show up to sweat next to you, and smile.

A big shout out to Cheray who I have the pleasure of working out with so early in the a.m.Thanks for motivating me!

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Are you Ready to change your life?!

October is upon us. The weather is getting cooler finally. So why not get outside for a workout?

I'm looking for a few women who are ready to change their lives!

I am offering a Fall Special (valid through Dec.1):
1-on-1 Training.....$50/hr
2-on-1 Training....$70/hr ($35 each!)
3-on-1 Training.....$90/hr ($30 each!)

The first session is always FREE...You can't beat that!

We can meet anywhere- parks, your house, etc.

In addition to training, I offer nutritional counseling, goal setting, accountability, and motivation. I want to help you succeed.

CrossFit will get you in the best shape of your life. Why wait until the New year, let's do it NOW!

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