Success Stories

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Journey

I'm competing in Sectionals.

There. I said it. I've been reluctant to tell many people because I don't see myself as a stellar athlete like the other coaches at CF Central. I know. None of that matters. Just do your best. And I am. For sure. That's what I've realized.

As I was listening to Tony Robbins this morning, he talked about the Journey (of life) and how, often times, it is what you make of the Journey and what the Journey makes out of you that is more important than the end result.

Since January I have totally zoned in on my workouts. I have upped the ante. I have worked out twice a day at least two days per week. I have added a Tue/Thurs. A.M. class at Run-Tex. I have upped the weight when I didn't think I could lift it. I have been focused during my workouts when before I just came for a good workout. I've cried thinking there is no way I can do this. I have felt accomplished for breaking all my PRs. Yes. The Journey has already made me into a stronger person- mentally and physically. This preparation has taken me to a place where I wouldn't have gone if I didn't sign up for Sectionals.

Yet I am still. so. scared.

What if I can't lift the prescribed weight? What if I am last in every event?

I have to just push through those mental barriers. I can do it. In the end it's only Me against Myself.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Finding Balance

Motherhood seems, many times, like a huge balancing act.


Moms tend to put themselves last on the To-Do list. By the time everyone is fed, clothed, and tended to emotionally, spiritually, physically, etc. there isn't much left for You.

According to the dictionary, the true meaning of balance is all about Harmonious Distribution. I like that. I'm striving to find more balance in my life, and it is an everyday struggle. As I add more to my plate, something else has to give. Do I stop or slow down on my personal goals or do I keep plunging forward as my family suffers? I know there is room for both. I know it will take dedication, planning, and a lot of support and teamwork with my husband.

How do you find balance?