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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lori is Relentless

Pretty soon you'll start seeing these little blue beauties all around the ATX~~ 


What does that mean? How do you get one of these?!

Relentless dedication
Relentless pursuit of excellence
Relentless discipline
Relentless desire 
Relentless encouragement of others
Relentless focus

You may not be the fastest. You may not lift the heaviest. But by now you know that's not what it's all about. We are giving these to people who exemplify the Relentless spirit.

Lori, Me, Leigh Ann

This is Lori.
Lori joined our community first through Fuel 21 back in the Spring. She then decided to join Relentless Bootcamp at Barton Hills. You know those people who you look forward to seeing because they always make you feel great? They always give you a hug or ask how your day was or just give you a big smile?

That's Lori.

Lori works hard each and every day. She always gives it her all. Even when I call "time" she wants to keep going and finish the workout. That's Relentless!

Our bootcamp is nicknamed the "Wilke Warriors" because of this heinous hill I make them run every so often! 

The first time Lori ran this hill back in June, she ran some and walked some, lamenting that hill running was something she absolutely DESPISED. I think she may have had nightmares that night!

Fast forward to last week. LORI RAN THE WHOLE THING!!!!!!!

She was so excited and proud of herself. It's times like these when you feel like if you accomplished something like that, you can do anything. 

I'm so proud of you , Lori, and I can't wait to see more of your accomplishments!
Oh, she has also lost about 20 lbs. and her clothes are falling off- woohoo!!

Check out Lori's blog: Primal Pancreas. Did I mention she is a Type 1 Diabetic and a damn good Paleo chef!


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