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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ryan is Relentless

It's hard being surrounded by such beautiful, strong women... But Ryan handles it somehow!

Meet Ryan.

Ryan joined Relentless Bootcamp in June 2011 and drank some serious Kool-Aid! It wasn't long before Ryan was asking me to order him a 25# Kettlebell and kicking some serious a$$ in his workouts.

Ryan soon joined Coach Travis' Strictly Strength Project in addition to his twice a week bootcamp at Barton Hills. He has made tremendous gains in all areas of fitness for sure!  This is what Travis had to say:

"Ryan, like so many people, came into the world of weight lifting and strength training timid and unsure of himself.  After only a few sessions, I noticed Ryan walking in to the gym with a confidence and swagger.
It's inspiring to see the transformation people go through when they realize that they are capable of truly amazing things - and this transformation affects all aspects of life!
Ryan is now one if my most consistent and hardest working athletes I coach.  I continue to see him make improvements every week, and I appreciate his dedication to the Strictly Strength program!

A few months later, Ryan brought his wife, Beth, to bootcamp. Now it's a family affair!

Ryan is always encouraging, always gives 110%, and is truly inspirational and Relentless!
Who needs plank holds when you can do these for Time?!

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication, Ryan!!

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