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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sugar Addict No More!

Ok, so I didn't realize how completely addicted I was to sugar until the past few days um, ok, a month.
This summer has been really stressful for a few reasons. Here are two of them:

I have been coaching more classes and absolutely loving it, but I haven't exactly been taking good care of ME. A brownie here, some ice cream there, and before you know it- BAM! Full on addict.

Last week we had nothing sweet in the house and I was seriously feinding like some kind of drug addict! I almost called my neighbor during the kids' naptime to see if she had anything chocolate in her house- WTF?!!

International Man of Mystery

My husband, if you recall, is doing his 24 Day Challenge and crushing it! He looks and feels amazing- but that's another story. He is on the 2nd phase of the Challenge and is taking his MNS3 packets (follow the link to read more about it). I decided to steal some...

This is good stuff. I took it last year and had major fat loss, but decided to give it a break for a while- which you should do with supplements from time to time. Anyway, I decided to get some good core nutrition in my body and see what happens.

It's been 4 days now on the MNS3 and I just realized I haven't touched sugar in 4 days! Not even a craving!!

This stuff WORKS. I had forgotten how amazing I feel when I'm taking it- more energy, no sugar or carb cravings, and (fingers crossed) hopefully fat loss.

As for Tommy, he said he hasn't felt this good since he went on a Pop Tart fast in his early 20s-(you think I'm kidding)

If you are interested in MNS3 or the 24 Day Challenge, let me know!
It'll kick start your life!

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