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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Small Changes Make a HUGE Difference!

Tommy (my husband) just started the 24 Day Challenge on Monday. He is in the first phase- The Cleanse Phase- which includes drinking a Fiber drink first thing in the morning followed by a Meal Replacement Shake that is packed with 24 grams of protein. This is what he had to say this morning:

"You know, the past few days it seems like my day has really gotten off to a better start. Usually I drink my coffee on the way to work and by the time I get there I'm all jacked up and don't eat my breakfast until a few hours later.

But since I've been drinking the Shake on the way to work, I actually feel more focused and satiated and my days have been starting off not as hectic and jacked up from all the coffee and no food!"

Wow! Mind you, my husband is NOT the kind of guy who is overly excited about things, but he is pleasantly surprised at how good he feels in just a few days.

Tonight we are taking his pre-measurements and "before" pictures- I see big changes ahead!

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