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Monday, December 7, 2009

You Really Are What You Eat

(I wish I would have thought of this. Priceless.)

"You are what you eat." Yeah, yeah... We've all heard it a thousand times.

Every cell in our body is made up of the micronutrients from whatever we are eating. Sure, Aspartame may be legal, but that doesn't mean it is good for you in any way.

From general health to mental health, overall wellness, moods, sexual function, sports performance, you name it- everything we ingest affects us.

I came across this post a few weeks ago on Robb Wolf's blog. I was blown away by this man's story and was even more committed to regulating my body through a Paleo approach.

Not too long after that, I came across this on Crystal's blog. If you haven't seen it, go there NOW! Absolutely amazing!

Have you been to the Paleo Blog yet?

Quote of the day: "If it's made by man, don't eat it." Fair enough.

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