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Monday, October 24, 2011

Leigh Ann is Relentless!

Leigh Ann (in green)
This is Leigh Ann. 

She joined Relentless Bootcamp back in June and has been an integral part of our class. Leigh Ann is a High School basketball coach in Del Valle and is an endless encourager. She's the first one to give you a high five and tell you to keep on going. Even in the middle of the toughest WODs, she will shout out words of encouragement to other people in our class!
Leigh Ann's first time deadlifting... 195lbs!
Leigh Ann took on the Iron Belle Women's Only Challenge this year, and was even more hooked on Crossfit! She is always smiling and gives me a hug each time I see her. Leigh Ann has embraced the Paleo lifestyle, lost weight, gained muscle, and is training for her 3rd Houston Marathon in January. I can't wait to see how much she shaves off her time!

Since Leigh Ann is a basketball coach, she has had to take a few months off of Bootcamp classes because of practices, but we know she'll be back! 
Leigh Ann pressing the 53lb. KB!

Leigh Ann is an inspiration to our entire class, and for that, she is.... Relentless!!!

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